Microsoft kills of Asha for Nokia.

Well, time to say your final goodbyes to Nokia Asha and Nokia X platforms.

Looks like Microsoft is strategically making a full-steam ahead for WP8.1 in entry level markets.

Great Move MSFT.

Concentrate your ammo on one platforms and maximize your profits.

Hope to get cheap but good specs windows phone devices powered by Nokia by Microsoft soon.

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Announcing the 8 winners for TGB Great Nokia Giveaway



Congratulations to the following 8 winners of “TGB Great Nokia Giveaways”.

02 x Winners of Nokia JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speakers
1. Mr Martin Twist
2. Ms Tracy Lim

04 x Winners of Nokia Qi-Wireless Charging Stands
1.  Mr Wang Dao Lei
2. Mr Patrick Lee
3. Mr Edwin Choy
4. Mr Lester Chan

01 x Winner of Nokia Colour Talks –  A Set of 05 Colourful Bluetooth Headsets
1. Mr Siva Prabhu

01 x Winner of Nokia Purity Headset by Monster
1. Ms Grace Yap

Winners have already been notified by email on collection instructions.

As TGB will be heading to Europe on 29th July 2014, kindly arrange with TGB to collect the prizes before 28th July 2014.

All Winners will have to get their pictures taken and of course, will be shared on this Blog to show that it is a real deal.

For those of you guys that didn’t win, TGB would like to thank you for your participation and also, your support of making that Nokia Lumia 930 Purchase.


Spot the blasphemy … “World Class Journalism” by Singapore’s Renowned Tech Magazine


Spot the blasphemy if you can.
This was a screenshot taken by one of my contributing writers when he recently got his hands on Hardware Zone Magazine.

One can only have a theory that perhaps this is a special paid space for a certain “S” named company who is currently in very bad shape, especially with their tablet sales.

That would explain why …

200th Post! And the gifts are here. TGB Great Giveaway 2014.

Well people, i have finally gotten my lazy ass to pick up the freebies yesterday. And guess what, they are fantastic.

First up group pix.


Here’s a breakdown of what TGB will be giving out to Lucky Fans from Singapore who purchased the Nokia Lumia 930 from now till 21st July 2014.

Continue reading

Update to TheGeekyBeng Great Giveaway

Hi guys,

I believe there might be some typo errors on my email address in the earlier post
But here’s an update:


Sorry about that, but i have also made the changed to the email address.  Thanks to a few bros on the Forums for notifying me.

Anyway, I have finalized the number of prizes, they should be in the range of 8 items – and here are a sneak peek of the items that I will be giving out to  TGB readers from Singapore who bought a Nokia Lumia 930 from last week, 10 July 2014 till 21 July 2014.

1. Scan/Take a picture of your receipt as a Proof of Purchase of your Nokia Lumia 930 from a Singapore Retail/Telco outlet.

2. Email Proof of Receipt to .

3. 8 Winners will be selected.

ITEMS that TGB is giving out …




Tomorrow I am picking up these Freebies from my source and I will do a proper post with the total numbers and image of items, and not to worry, all these items are brand new.

So quickly, submit your entry to me by 21st July 2014.


TheGeekyBeng great giveaway – here’s how to win some awesome Nokia accessories.


All right people, in celebration of TGB’s 200th post and of course tomorrow is the official launch of the sweet device, Nokia Lumia 930 in Singapore.  TheGeekyBeng will be giving away free Nokia Accessories for his readers and here’s how you can get these free accessories.

1532043_10152229196903575_3327584327692704078_o 10317702_696458297057398_1493986725833346620_o

1. Buy the Nokia Lumia 930 before 21st July 2014.

2. Scan your proof of receipt of your new purchase and email to .

I will select 5 winners by 22nd July 2014 and you will walk away with these free accessories.  Open to Singapore retail/telco purchases only.
TGB have managed to get some brand new Nokia Qi-Wireless Charging plate, some Nokia  Headsets and also now I am trying to get some free Windows Phone Store Vouchers to help you to kickstart your Lumia 930 journey.  Once I can tabulate the items, I will put up a list here.  So here are more reasons for you to buy your NOKIA Lumia 930 earlier yah?

(ps. TGB thinks that the Matt Black is an awesome colour for the Lumia 930.)


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