TGB believes that there will be no new flagship Z4 phones for MWC


But he is still looking forward to the announcement of Tablet Z4 and M4 that was leaked ahead of MWC.
Plus according to reliable sources, we will see quite a few variations of the Mid-Range Device M4 for different markets – some sources citing that there might be Water-Resistant version and they will intentionally have non-water resistant versions just to “slice down” the thickness.
And to curb rumours flying that Sony will be “axing” their Mobile division from some sites …

BOO-YAH!!!  As far as a up-close session with a key Sony Mobile executive have had recently, it is repeatedly hinted that plans for the Z family is stretching into even Z5 pipeline.

Sorry SamDung Fans, but Sony is here to stay.


And of course, TGB had been busy with his CNY Preparation, Work and CNY Celebrations that he totally forgotten to post for a while.

But here’s an upcoming toy to his collect … WHY?


Yes V3, I am coming to collect later this week yah!

And for SmartBand Talk Users, have you updated your SmartBand Talk’s Firmware to have interchangeable watchfaces?

WELL, I did.  And it is quite cheap-thrill lah to have that new WatchFace.
Shall not douse your fun here.  Go forth, update it yourself.

Whatsapp rolling out voice-calling feature with new update

Hottest news in the market.  Whatsapp is slowly rolling out their new update for voice-calling feature …

Apparently starting with India, some of them have already gotten their update.

So here’s a video on how the voice calling can work.

Well, for now, you can download the APK (for android) directly on Whatsapp’s site.

I am praying hard that Singapore would get our calling feature ASAP!

Oh yes, u need the version to be v2.11.508

Sheldon Cooper will not like the new Windows 10


Microsoft has done an amazing job with the Windows 10 after the Technical Preview release to us <Windows Insider Program> users that I think if Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory is using it on his Alienware, he will just have a blood riot revolt and throw his Alienware don’t the Elevator Shaft.

Cortana on Windows10

I mean, Windows 10 is REALLY REALLY REALLY user-friendly …
Heck , the sheer fact that you can actually have a one-click-rollback built into this Technical Preview says a lot about the new Microsoft.

Don’t just take my words for it …. START USING the Windows 10 now!

Heads up to some amazing features on Windows 10:

1. Cortana
2. Built-in Search Bar
3. Integrate Menu

These 3 ought to keep you busy for the next 24hrs … I spent 4hrs with Cortana yesterday.  LOL

Finally, the Whatsapp feature that everyone who is like TGB is waiting for … Whatsapp Web is finally here! But only works on Google Chrome.

Finally, Whatsapp Web feature will be something that is useful especially for those of us who HATES to reply on small phone screens without a real keyboard, that’s why many of you know, TGB is a strong advocate of Telegram simply because of their Desktop applications available on top of the Web version.

Well,  Whatsapp have finally caught up with times … and now we can LIVE-CAST whatever is on our mobile device to be on our Desktop screen, thus we can work and reply at the same time.


But of course, first you will have to update your Whatsapp to the latest version on your device.
Goto this page from your GOOGLE CHROME BROSWER and scan the QR Code from your phone.

Whatsapp will do a LIVE CAST of your mobile screen to the Desktop screen.

Please be advised that you should be on Wifi as Data charges will be skyhigh if you have a bazillion Whatsapp chat group like TheGeekyBeng.

Here’s a demo of how the screen is like …


Well, people have fun!!! and Yes, it is available on all MAJOR PLATFORMS including Windows Devices and Symbian devices.

Just update your apps yah!

Singtel’s new logo is a real bummer.

Forgive me, as my day-job is a Small Design agency owner, so I kinda have a lot of sh!t to talk about Singtel’s new logo.

Singtel New Logo

The amounts of bad qualities in the logo you can find is as much as how much Barney Stinson spend on his suits in a year – ONE BIG CRAPLOAD.
Seriously @Singtel?

Going Retro with your design?
Or you are just bringing a frown to your users?
Alternatively, are you implying that your cost will cost more as you move along and your signal drops badly?

Lastly, get a basic Fengshui design on your logo can?  ZERO logic to it.


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